Process is a prophecy describing god’s plan for Israel

While it might be the most misunderstood phase of the Bible this e-book is one of the most pertinent in information the paintings at the back of protecting and nurturing the kids of Israel. It becomes meant to be that manner til the reasons at the back of it may be explained.

The day of the lord has lasted for 4,000 years and its time is up. taken to the foundation of language and religion to apprehend the work that lay earlier than me the sounds of language have been shown as words. [ex] as an instance is ‘god’, [or] is an antique time period for ‘sun, and [d] approach ‘food’ or ‘feeding’. ‘Lord’Is, consequently, ‘god-solar’s meals’. This is the power that has ruled over the day and stole god’s youngsters, who are referred to as the house of Israel.

The sun-god got here into play in the earliest instances whilst the stunning hues of the superstar created when the light disperses become nominated as such. It’s miles part of the mother god issue of the Islamic faith of Babylon.VISIT Request a Prophecy ‘I-s-l-m’ is ‘eye’s mild-god mom’. as Islam it means ‘eye’s light god-effective mother. Israel, on the other hand, method ‘god’sMild-powerful god’.

In a vision that mild turned into proven to me while a line reached some distance into the space. At the end it said eve, in massive capital letters. In the center was midday and in which I stood on the cease it said nighttime. All at once a large shiny mild seemed in which I stood and it arched over the day to the beginning of it. within the center it was nearly parish and hundreds of human beings have been reaching upwards to a person on cross positioned excessive above them.

The which means of the imaginative and prescient is that this. In beginning of the day the spirit (light) poured out over a set of humans, who are called Israel. The identical spirit is pouring out again over its humans now that we’re at the quit of the day. Inside the middle, 2,000 years ago, the man on the move became invented by Constantine (666 in revelation thirteen:13-18) and placed into the religion he installed in 325 ads on the council of Nicaea.

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